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How to get rid of cockroaches

There are a number of options available for exterminating cockroaches. When applied correctly, each can control cockroaches effectively. Professional treatment is the most effective way to manage cockroaches in your home or business to guarantee a long-term solution and prevent re-infestation.

For businesses, a cockroach infestation will result in contamination of food and surfaces, damage to stored food, potential action by food safety authorities and damage to your reputation. The health hazards associated with this disease-spreading insect are a concern for both homeowners and businesses.

Below is a description of the treatments available for getting rid of cockroaches.

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Our C-Shine Pakistan technicians are skilled, experienced professionals and are required to participate in regular training programs to maintain their expertise.

With a deep understanding of the habits of each cockroach species, we can use our knowledge to develop an effective control program for your property.

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Cockroach bait

Cockroach bait is one of the most common methods of cockroach control and is extremely effective in indoor locations such as kitchens (both commercial and residential), food handling and preparation areas, hotels and hospitals.

Cockroach baits come in three formats:

  • Gel
  • Solid

The success of the treatment exploits the cannibalistic nature of cockroaches to help successfully manage an infestation. The bait is placed in strategic areas around a property where cockroaches are known to dwell. The toxins in the bait will not only affect the cockroach that consumes the bait, but also affects other roaches through secondary transmission.

After a cockroach has fed they will often return to the nest where they will defecate. Any other cockroach which consumes the faeces, saliva, or carcass of the infected roach will also be affected by the toxicant cockroach bait. Infection can also occur through direct contact with the toxins from the bait dispersed within the cockroach congregation hideout.

Essentially this creates a cycle of cockroaches becoming infected by the toxicant from the bait, passing it on to other roaches. Because of this, cockroach bait has a proven track record of successfully exterminating whole colonies of cockroaches.

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Proactive cockroach control

Proactive cockroach control is best suited for businesses, especially those handling food where it can help to comply with food safety legislation, standards and audit requirements for food hygiene.

It involves taking active measures to prevent infestation and monitor for early signs of an infestation.

Cockroach prevention

Following cockroach prevention best practices is the most efficient way of proactively controlling cockroaches.

Learn about the steps you can take to prevent a cockroach infestation

Cockroach monitoring

An insect monitoring unit can detect the presence of cockroaches, enable you to take quick action and control an infestation as early as possible.

C-Shine Pakistan's professional service for getting rid of cockroaches

Our service begins with a thorough survey of your property. We can look for typical signs of cockroaches, identify any potential shelter sites and the invading species.

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Our service and benefits

  1. Guaranteed response: 24/7
  2. Regular inspections: this even includes night-time inspections in commercial premises. Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures and night-time inspections will better reveal any hiding areas on your premises.
  3. Certified technicians: we have a team of reliable, qualified and experienced professionals local to you.
  4. Safe, targeted treatments: we minimise the risk of insecticides spray in the home by using target specific, safe to human products, which are targeted at the crevices where cockroaches hide. Products used may include gel baits or dusting powders.
  5. Expert knowledge: our knowledge, backed by global experience, about the habits of cockroach species enables us to provide the most efficient methods of control.
  6. Convenient treatment times: our discreet treatments are carried out at times mutually convenient to minimise disruption to your business or home life.
  7. Professional prevention advice: your local technician can provide expert prevention advice on how to proof your home and prevent a re-infestation
  8. Long-term support: our technician will arrange follow up visits (if they are needed) to re-treat the identified hiding spots at an interval. We can continue to monitor for signs of activity through the use of our Insect Monitoring Trap. Our work is not complete until your problem is fully resolved.

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Cockroach problem?

Check for common signs - droppings and shed skin to see if you have a cockroach problem.

With over 19 years of experience in Pakistan, C-Shine has become the largest and most trusted brand in pest control.