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Commercial pest control

As the country's largest commercial pest control company, C-Shine Pakistan is able to protect your brand reputation and operations from unwanted pests.

We provide the highest levels of risk management, reassurance and responsiveness to national and international customers across multi-site and single site operations.

Through tailored pest management programmes, we focus on helping your business meet exacting standards for health, safety and cleanliness.

By harnessing new technology, we help to protect your employees and customers from the dangers of pest-borne diseases and reduce our environmental impact with sustainable pest control solutions.

We provide local support

Whilst our global reach, which extends across 90 countries, helps us support even the most complex supply chains and operational networks, we focus on providing expertise and support at a local level.

Our local team of experts benefit from a global network of expertise in science and regulatory compliance supported by our Global Technical Centre located in the UK.

We take the time to understand your key challenges and risks and build valuable long-term relationships to ensure trust and transparency.

We harness science

At C-Shine Pakistan, science and innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

The Rentokil Global Technical Centre based in the UK is made up of a large team of expert scientists. The team includes experts in: Microbiology, Analytical Chemistry, Regulatory Affairs, Product Formulation, Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Sensing Technology.

Our global team of experts are dedicated to understanding pest behaviours and investigating new ways to prevent pest infestations to lead the pest control industry in innovation.

This global team of experts supports local operations around the world, ensuring that all our customers benefit from access to the same resources, including our innovative products and global expertise.


Emphasis is placed firmly on health, safety and protecting the environment with effective and innovative solutions.

“Work to reinvent Rentokil happens every day. We are constantly moving forward”

— Andy Ransom, CEO of Rentokil Initial plc

With new innovations constantly raising standards for pest control and protection combined with an increasing intolerance of pests and their associated diseases by a growing middle class, the need to innovate and embrace new technologies has never been greater.

As a result, finding smarter and more effective ways to control pests is a primary objective.

We provide legislation compliance

At C-Shine Pakistan, we have an in-house regulatory team to monitor the changing regulatory landscape at a national and international level. This ensures compliance of our treatments (eg. fumigation) and products (eg. pesticides, insecticides) with increasing regulation and legislation requirements demanded by governments worldwide to minimise the impact of chemicals on public health and the environment.

Pest control is an essential element of the growing food standard requirements driven by global organizations such as AIB International and BRC Global Standards.

Partnership with BRC Global Standards

In 2017 Rentokil Initial announced a strategic partnership with BRC Global Standards to improve best practice in the food industry and help customers mitigate risks throughout the food industry.

Working with GFSI

Our ongoing commitment and relationship with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) underpins our focus on helping the food industry assure food safety.

CEPA certified

All our European operations are achieving compliance against the latest CEPA certified European Standard EN 16636. This will ensure the protection of customers, public health and the environment through a responsible approach to pest management.

We use data to mitigate risk

Our unique online reporting and analysis system, myRentokil, is available to all our business customers.

Helping to facilitate a proactive approach to pest prevention and control, and meet third-party audit requirements, myRentokil is highly recommended to ensure audit compliance.

The data recorded in myRentokil allows us to provide customers with valuable insights supporting risk mitigation and the need for transparency.

The transparent data overview is increasingly important for international customers due to the growth of supply chains.


We provide integrated pest management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that uses a combination of common-sense practices to eliminate the causes of pest infestations.

An IPM programme delivers proactive pest control to customers to protect brand reputation and mitigate the risk from pest threats.

The C-Shine Pakistan IPM

The C-Shine Pakistan Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is based on four principles that together we call ERDM.

This ERDM approach ensures long-term protection for your business through a systematic approach to pest management.

The Rentokil PCI IPM


The exclusion stage focuses on pest prevention through physical barriers and maintenance to prevent pest infestations via recommendations relating to waste management, cleaning and sanitation.


The restriction stage addresses actions to take following an identified pest problem on site. It will include removal of food sources and potential harbourage sites.


The objective of this stage is to enable effective pest control, through the use of innovative treatments, including non-toxic solutions where available and required in order to comply with strict regulations for pesticide use.


Integrated Pest Management programs are continuously evaluated to monitor pest levels and to keep customers informed on sanitation levels in order to prevent new pest problems.

In addition to monitoring practices, we provide thorough documentation of pest activity and any pesticide application used during a service visit.

We provide industry leading support

At C-Shine Pakistan, we have the finest training and professional development programme in the industry. Ongoing training focuses on safety, service effectiveness, technical excellence and the use of new innovative products by a highly qualified team of pest professionals.

Our global team of 12,000 professionally trained pest control technicians is able to offer highly effective pest management, removal and control solutions.

The Rentokil Technical Academy delivers professional industry-accredited training courses. In 2014 alone, our UK operations delivered 2,000 days of technical training and multiple online and practical in-field training.

This means that your local C-Shine Pakistan team has all the training and knowledge necessary to deliver the best pest management plan tailored to your unique business.

Our programmes also focus on high-levels of pest knowledge, such as understanding rodent behaviour, as well as local insights.

Why C-Shine Pakistan?

Discover what makes us the experts in pest control.

With over 19 years of experience in Pakistan, C-Shine has become the largest and most trusted brand in pest control.