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For over 19 years, C-Shine Pakistan has been providing innovative commercial and residential pest control solutions to protect people and enhance lives.

Established in 2006, guided by a comprehensive analysis of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) market trends.  Our dedication to food safety and hygiene, coupled with a commitment to environmental well-being, positioned us to become a key player in the industry. 

Named "C-SHINE" reflecting our beliefs of "Courage to Shine" we have cultured a dynamic and youthful team that has thoroughly hunted customers, securing a breakthrough with some world's FMCGs early on. Subsequent years saw the expansion of our services and a consistent increase in revenue, marking a journey filled with both challenges and successes.

C-Shine was acquired by Rentokil in 2022. Rentokil is one of the most successful pest control companies in the world, offering a greater global reach than any other, providing innovative services and solutions in over 90 countries across 1,800 local branches, employing over 19,000 qualified pest control specialists.

Together, now we are set to redefine the IPM landscape, bringing top-tier solutions to Pakistan. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey of innovation, excellence and global impact. The future of pest management has never looked more promising than ever before. 

At a local level, we have been helping Pakistan’s businesses and residents eradicate and treat pest problems for over 19 years. With technicians located throughout Pakistan, we are one of the largest and most flexible pest control providers in the country.

Our mission is to protect people and enhance lives; by providing pest control solutions that ensure public health, and protect the environment through energy-efficient and sustainable pest control services. We offer a complete range of pest control services and solutions for commercial and residential properties, including common pests such as rodents, crawling insects, birds, stored product insects and flying insects.

Driven by customer-centric innovation, our pest control solutions incorporate both preventative and responsive strategies to enhance protection for your business through a consistent, continuous pest management program.

Over 95 years of pest control innovation and expertise

Rentokil started out as an idea of entomologist Professor Harold Maxwell-Lefroy, and has grown into the world’s leading commercial pest control company and the most recognised brand in the industry.

Since our first commercial pest control contract treating the Houses of Parliament in the UK for deathwatch beetles in 1914, we have been committed to protecting homes and businesses from damaging pest infestations through pest expertise, service excellence and leading innovation.

The Rentokil library

Starting in the 1960s, Rentokil scientists wrote a series of classic textbooks on pests and pest control.

The Fetcham Injector

Invented by Norman Hicken to treat woodworm in timber and patented in 1948. Over a million were sold by the late 1950s.

The Rentokil Film Unit

The Rentokil Film Unit produced many pioneering films about the threat of pests and won a number of awards.

Our awards and accolades

At Rentokil, our Global Research and Development Centre stands at the heart of our business. We strive to provide our customers with innovative solutions to solve their pest management needs.

Our colleagues and culture

We want our workforce to reflect the diverse nature of the business environment and markets in which we operate, and the customers and communities that we serve. To achieve this, we are committed to best practices and policies in the workplace and to providing equal opportunities for all colleagues.

Rentokil offers professional rodent control for your home or business, with solutions suited to your needs.