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Cockroach control

Cockroaches are high-risk pests to have in your home and business premises. From contaminating food and destroying property to causing serious threat to health, cockroach infestations can be especially distressing. Cockroaches creep within corners and difficult spots inside buildings and lay siege, making it very difficult to get rid of them. While DIY cockroach killer solutions can provide temporary relief in the case of low-level infestation, it is only with expert help that you can drive cockroaches out of your house or business premises and prevent re-infiltration in the long run.

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When should I get cockroach treatment for my premise?

Although a live cockroach scuttling around the kitchen, bathroom or cafeteria is evidence enough of an infestation, there are a few other signs of cockroach infestation like grainy droppings, smear marks and egg casings. If you notice any of the tell-tale signs of a cockroach infestation, call us immediately at +92-304-1112006 or contact us online for a cockroach control treatment.


How to get rid of cockroaches?

We understand the importance of a cockroach-free environment, both at home and your business premise.  This is why we at C-Shine Pakistan offer varied solutions for keeping your home and surroundings cockroach-free.

Cockroach Service For Homeowners: We believe in tackling any pest problem at the root, which is why our cockroach service uses a combination of methods to drive cockroaches out of your home. We use gel-baiting, a method in which cockroach bait gel is applied to cracks and crevices, hinges, below the sink, under the gas cylinder, electrical appliances, inside the drawers etc. We also use a specialized insect monitoring trap, with a super-attractant lure that is irresistible to cockroaches and traps the roaches. Our service is hassle-free as there is no need to vacate the premises and no residual odour. It is also non-toxic, eco-safe and harmless to humans and pets.

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Cockroach Service For Businesses: For businesses, cockroaches can be a menace at multiple levels. Our Cockroach service for commercial clients uses the best combination of highly specialised gel baiting, insect monitoring trap methods along with our Cockroach trap. The unique Cockroach trap, offered only to our commercial clients, is a glue based lockable cockroach trap system that catches roaches at all stages of their life. The trap conforms to international food safety standards and is easy to use making it ideal for commercial spaces.

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What is the cost and service frequency?

Though the actual service frequency is determined based on an inspection and audit of the premises, our standard service package includes an annual contract consisting of 3 treatments or a single (one-time) treatment which is convertible to an annual contract with additional charges. Our pest control experts need to fully understand the exact cockroach species and extent of your infestation in order for them to recommend and quote for the appropriate treatment to get rid of cockroaches from your home or business.

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